Roommate Issues and Conflicts

Rita Camara is the Assistant Director for Assignments
Office of Residence Life and Housing

Please direct questions about roommate issues and housing assignments to Rita.


Anonymous said...

Hello! My daughter is a freshman living on campus and her roommate decided to become a commuter and moved out. Currently my daughter is alone. What is the process for filling this type of vacancy and how long will it take for her to get a new roommate?

Rita Camara said...

Hello, All available spaces are now being offered to students living in temporary additional occupancy rooms in freshmen housing. Your daughter should have a new roommate within the next few days. When we offer spaces, we ask the students to contact the person living in the room before moving in. If your daughter would like to “pull in” another student who is currently living in a permanent space in freshmen housing, that would also be an option. Your daughter should contact me as soon as possible if that is the case or if she has any additional questions.

Debbie said...

My daughter currently lives with a family friend and commutes to Bridgewater. She is unhappy with that arrangement and dorm life is not an option. Do you have some kind of roommate locating service? One that maybe connects students searching for off campus roommates? Thanks. Debbie